10 Ways to Relax in Your Garden

How hard can it be to relax in your own garden? Well, if you’re a gardener it can be near on impossible.

See, the problem with gardeners is that we actually like gardening. While most won’t see anything inherently problematic with that scenario it can become a real shame when the thing that we enjoy doing can’t be enjoyed without the ‘doing’.

The proverbial adage, “Take time to smell the roses,” couldn’t be more apt for gardeners who can’t enjoy their gardens without plucking out that weed they missed in their last cleanup spree. We can sometimes become so obsessed with the voids and problem areas within our gardens that they consume even our relaxation time.

So, it’s become acutely obvious that we need to find a few alternative ways to relax and take our minds off the garden chores.

Here’s 10 ways to relax in your garden without gardening:

1. Snooze in a Hammock

What better way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon in the garden – and with this two-person jumbo hammock  (aff.) you don’t even need two trees to string one up anymore.

Relaxing in a hammock has an amazingly soothing effect on your body. The gentle swaying motion and the fact that you’re looking up, rather than across, forces you to enjoy your garden from another dimension.

Put on some comforting Enya tunes – or anything that takes you away to another place – and enjoy your afternoon.

2. Take up Painting

Sure, you could easily walk around and snap all the flowers and garden vistas with your new digital SLR but that would hardly make for a genuine way to relax. Instead, buy yourself a cheap canvas and few basic paint colours and let your creative juices flow into another medium.

The beauty with painting is that it requires time to enjoy. You can’t rush it and who knows – you might actually be good at it.

3. Prepare a Picnic

This is a great way to relax, especially in your own garden and even moreso if you have kids. The novelty of packing a picnic will automatically get you in the mood to relax so when you step out onto your manicured lawn and throw down the picnic blanket you’ve already reconciled your mind to taking the afternoon easy.

4. Play Croquet

Setting up a game of croquet throughout your garden – it’s not necessary to have lawn – is easy to achieve and a brilliant way to while the day. The more players the better, but if there is only the two of you then find some creative ways to play a few games – blindfold each other, play backwards etc.

If it’s just you on your little lonesome then challenge the dog – at least there won’t be any arguments when it comes to announcing the winner.

5. Read a Non-Gardening Book/ Magazine

If you’re like me, reading a gardening book is hardly relaxing. Five pages in and I’m already itching to get out into the garden to tweak a garden bed or check my compost heap for signs of readiness.

No, if you’re wanting to relax in your garden then put all the gardening books away and find some mind-numbing novel to pique your interest. Even reading the latest lifestyle magazine should encourage you to chill out a little.

6. Catch Butterflies

If you have kids, then this is a fantastic activity to stir the relaxation muscles. Each of you walk around the garden with a butterfly net (aff.) carefully scooping up these wonderful insects. Once they’re caught you can let your children gently caress them before releasing them back into your garden.

Give them a couple of minutes head start and then try and track them down again.

7. Employ a Masseur for the afternoon

Many hotel chains now promote mobile masseur services (no, not that type of masseur) to come and spend an hour or two getting all those knots out of your back. While it’s not the cheapest service, as a treat it might be just the thing you need. Plus, it can all happen in the privacy of your own garden.

8. Play with a pet

Many gardeners have pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters etc. If it’s normally caged then allow it some freedom to roam around and explore. This may not be the most relaxing activity if you haven’t set up some inescapable boundaries first but if everything is in place then spending a little time with them may be just the ticket.

9. Do Some Relaxation Exercises

If you have an exercise ball, or any other apparatus that is portable, try taking it out into your tropical garden or set it up on the patio. Even aerobics could be enjoyed in the comfort of your garden and it might even make them more fun and enjoyable.

10. Entertain Low-Maintenance Friends

You know what I mean – those friends that can drop in at a moments notice, take very little effort to entertain and know the cue for when to leave. They’re great people and you always feel relaxed in their company.

Invite them over and spend the afternoon playing cards, or telling jokes. Bring out a board game or just sit on the patio sipping a glass of chardonnay – or two…..

Well, there you have it. Here’s at least 10 ways to relax in your garden and I’m sure there are a heap more.

How do you find you’re able to switch off and enjoy your garden? Do you have a way to relax that could work for others?

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