21 of the World’s Best Topiaries

Topiary has often been relegated to the banal, OCD’s (obsessive-compulsive disorder) of society. And while manicured conifers and shrubs will always be with us, there is an emergence of handsome – yet sometimes quirky – art. The clipped hedge may actually be maturing.

And it’s about time too. Topiary’s bad rap sheet has kept many gardeners snubbing their noses at these forced organic objets d’art. While we can hastily recount some disastrous efforts – quite possibly in our own neighbourhoods – there aren’t too many examples that we would often write home about.

Hopefully these next 21 pictures of some of the world’s best topiaries may tempt you to take another look.

  • These topiaries, shaped as a herd of elephants, were commissioned for a Durbar fundraising event.
  • Look what $30,000 can get you for Christmas. Start saving…
  • I wonder if this topiary turns into a pumpkin come midnight?
  • From the 2001 Mosaiculture Festival in Montreal, Quebec
  • Taken at the 2005 International Flower & Garden Festival in Norway is this gorgeous troll. Wouldn’t you love one of these in your garden?
  • How cool are those grasses swaying in the breeze?
  • Whether it was created to scare them or attract them this topiary pheasant is an incredible addition to Waddesdon Manor in the UK.
  • Created in St James Park when the Tour de France started in London – 2007
  • It’s a cameo of the Lion King at WorldDisney’s EPCOT centre
  • The effort to keep this pruned while they are in water and keep the water free from clippings must be onerous at the extreme.
  • Leaning forward, with a wingspan the size of one and a half men, this is an incredible piece of organic structure.
  • Dancing away before midnight, the two love-struck figurines defy the mind.
  • Like the Getty Museum topiaries this is much harder to achieve in water than on land. It not only limits your plant choice but also restricts how you prune.
  • Simple lines. Symmetrical appeal. No fuss, just pure inspiration.
  • If your garden’s having a growth spurt, it may pay to park the car in the garage!
  • Quite an innovative way to decorate the gazebo.
  • The topiary you need when getting along with your neighbours is …well…a little strained perhaps.
  • The beauty of this arbor topiary is that not only is it beautiful but it is also quite functional.
  • Here’s another good spot NOT to park your car.
  • Then, on the other hand, your parking location may not be so bad.
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