21 Skills Every Gardener Should Have

This time last year I wrote a post on how to become a gardener if you weren’t already one. In it, I listed 10 rules to keep in mind which would help someone to grapple with the basics.

This year I want to lift the bar a little and identify 21 Skills that even the most basic gardener should be able to grasp. With these skills in their toolbox, gardeners should be able to handle almost any gardening scenario and will also be capable to troubleshoot any problems that might occur.

  1. Propagating softwood cuttings
  2. Germinating vegetable seeds
    • Growing vegetables from seed – [pdf] AESUT
  3. Making compost
  4. Pruning Roses
  5. Pruning Shrubs
  6. Dividing Bulbs
  7. Watering Plants
  8. Staking Trees
  9. Mulching Garden Beds
  10. Killing Weeds
  11. Handling Pests
  12. Improving Your Soil
  13. Plant a tree or perennial shrub
  14. Repair a lawn
    • Lawn Repair in Spring – UME [Link since removed]
    • Reseeding your receding lawn – Lawn Mower Review [Link since removed]
  15. Ability to maintain your garden tools
  16. Fertilising plants
  17. Basic Plant Identification
  18. How to spot a nursery bargain
  19. How to use the Web to find gardening information
  20. Learning to relax and enjoy your garden

And that’s it. These 21 basics should empower anyone wanting to be a gardener.

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