4 Incredible Trees

If you had no space limitations in your garden what 4 trees would you want to have on display?

Here’s my top four…

  1. Purple Jacaranda this tree goes off like a frog in a sock. When summer hits our rural landscape you can spot these trees growing miles away. I just love the colour and their deciduous habit.
  2. Magnolia Soulangeana I don’t understand how anyone could not fall in love with these trees. I’m a big fan of deciduous trees so it already gets a big tick of approval but then those flowers – whoa!! The colour, the shape, the fragrance. This tree gets a big 11 out of 10 for me.
  3. Giant Sequoia I first saw a couple of these growing in an arboretum in Pemberton, south-east of where I live. They were magnificent trees which towered so far above us we felt like dwarf’s (not that there’sanything wrong with dwarfs). If I had the room, a grove of sequoias would certainly adorn my garden.
  4. Karri these are tallest and most straight trees you will ever see. Their bark is a palette of off-whites mixed with salmon pinks and with an undergrowth of bracken look absolutely sensational. Plus their native to Western Australia – a big plus.
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