A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Path Lighting

If your house has a large separate garage and you use a pathway to access it, then outdoor path lighting is of serious concern to you. Besides visibility issues, outdoor path lighting also helps raise security level of your house. Having the ability to clearly see if someone is coming up the path and being able to identify that person quickly is a huge asset when it comes to making your home a safe place for you and your family. The right placement of lights along the outdoor pathway helps eliminate night parking problems as well. With good lighting fixtures installed in the outdoor path, you can safely walk from the garage to your doorstep.


Perhaps, the best aspect of outdoor lighting is its affordability and high practicality. Besides serving functional needs, it also serves beautification purposes. Landscape lighting can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your lawn in the night, thereby earning you great compliments from neighbors. Here are some of the key uses of outdoor path lighting:

  • To illuminate the pathway, lawn or porch: This helps you walk safely inside your home after parking your car at night.
  • The security level of your home is improved: With all night long illumination, you can always keep an eye on the garden or pathway activities. Also, they won’t let your kids sneak out before they turn 18!
  • In case of commercial establishments, illuminated pathway can grant 24 hour access to the main building. This can be a plus for marketing and sales.
  • Outdoor pathway lighting helps you avoid ugly flood lights. These lights are installed near the pathway and their focus remains on pathway only.
  • If done correctly, they can enhance the beauty of your garden by shedding light on the natural landscape.

How to Choose Outdoor Path Lighting

Various types of outdoor path lighting fixtures are available in the market. You are bound to get confused with numerous, sizes, shapes and designs on the shelves. So, here are some tips to get you started on how to buy pathway lights:

Power or Luminosity Strength

This decides the intensity of light that will be showered on the pathway. If you have to light a small patch of garage to living room pathway, basic lights will do the job. Don’t go over the top in small space and keep the lighting appropriate. You can choose from incandescent bulbs to CFL’s as a power source. Ask the salesman about specific power requirements and their respective prices.


Pathway lights are manufactured from a variety of materials. Some common examples are stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and chromed-copper. Plastic lighting fixtures are inexpensive but their durability is less. On the other hand, dulled chrome-copper lights are corrosion resistant, rust resistant and impart a beautiful look at the same time. You should consult your architecture or lighting vendor to install the best suitable lighting at your pathway.

Design of Lighting Fixtures

This is a personal decision and you’ll be able to choose from many different options. You can select from antique designs to more modern flush designs. Antique designs such as lamp posts, add that elegant 18th century look to the pathway while modern designs hide the lighting source and concentrate more on the illuminated surface. As a start, you should choose the design that best matches with the exterior of your home.

Solar Lighting

For the energy savvy individuals, solar pathway lights are a gift. A solar light panel is installed on top of the light fixture assembly and electric wiring is limited to the light unit. There is no need of any additional wiring. As such, electricity bill savings are considerable.
While making the purchase, keep your budget in mind as pathway light prices can skyrocket quickly. Don’t splurge on expensive lights which have no similarity to your home’s exterior. If undertaken correctly, outdoor path lighting becomes a one-time investment which provides lifelong returns.

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