A Group of Gardeners?

Collective nouns are wonderful aren’t they? They describe so eloquently a group of … well, just about anything really. I picked up this theme from Greenhouse Girl as she suggested some possible collective nouns for gardeners.

Here were my suggestions;

A spade of gardeners
A packet of gardeners (Minus the seeds, of course)

or perhaps,
An enthusiasm of gardeners.
while Greenhouse Girl offered these;
a show of gardeners
a greenery of gardeners
a gossip of gardeners (gosh … when gardeners get together can’t we gossip!)
a knowledge of gardeners (we all like to think we know everything …)
an endeavour of gardeners (‘cause we’re all really trying …)

I found a great site that offered collective nouns for almost everything and also allows the submission of said noun. So, I propose over the next couple of days gardeners can offer their suggestions and the best 5 will be included as our weekly poll for next week.

The winner of the poll can then be offered up to The Collective Noun site as our identification. Any takers?

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