An Organic Gardening Prince

It seems every other day some celebrity joins the organic green brigade, cashing in on the chic image of conservation and gaining brownie points from a public incensed by the ‘Inconvenient Truth’.

But, while many celebs milk the environmental cash-cow there are one or two who are bona fide pioneers.

HRH Prince of Wales is one such unassuming trend-setter.

26 years ago, Prince Charles bought a dilapidated garden and adjoining farm and began his jaunt with organic gardening. The principles he employed then weren’t as Treehugger-ish as they are now so he endured the scorn of neighbours and a relentless public edging for a chance to bring shame again to this man.

However, like any true pioneer the proof is always found in the pudding. And Highgrove is some pudding.

Fortunately for those of us who didn’t get an invitation to visit, our HRH has now produced a book – The Elements of Organic Gardening (aff.) – in conjunction with Country Living magazine’s editor, Stephanie Donaldson.

And, before you write this off as just another money-making venture by the world’s elite take some time to consider what this man has to offer. 26 years pursuing his passion of sustainable gardening practices can’t be summed up in a “Top 10 Organic Ideas” post.

Plus, it’s not the first book that Prince Charles has written. Five years ago HRH published – Highgrove (aff.) – in conjunction with Charles Clover, the Environment Editor of the DAILY TELEGRAPH.This book is really the beginning of the garden and farming practices at Highgrove and the philosophy behind the choices made.

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