And We’re Back

After six months of travelling around this great country of ours, Australia, we’re finally back and trying hard to get back into the swing of normality. For those who have followed us via our Aussie Road Trip blog we thank you for coming on the journey with us. If you didn’t, and you’re interested in reading six months worth of posts, then feel free to jump on over there and catch up with all our excitement.

But…as they say…”the honeymoon is over” and it’s time to get back on with life again. I’m back at work and in a few weeks time the kids will be back at school and our house will return to its usual busyness. The holiday will be a distant memory – albeit a great one.

As you can see the blog has gone through quite a transformation since we left and I’ve changed over from Movable Type to a WordPress platform – an even greater transformation.

Needless to say, I’ll be back blogging nearly every day and sharing a heap of gardening tips, photos and stories of gardens, plants and landscapes that we encountered while we were away. I’ll even share how our garden here is going and what we’re doing to get it back into shape since we’ve been away.

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