Bosch KEO | Cordless Garden Saw

If you’re looking for a garden tool for the gardener who has everything then look no further. The new Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw is one power tool that any gardener will find useful.


While its main usage is designed for pruning trees and shrubs this dynamo pocket-rocket can handle a myriad of tasks. Powered by a 10.8V Li-Ion battery and weighing just over 1 kilogram, finding applications for this nifty gadget will be a source of pleasure.

So, let’s start with its primary function – pruning.

Pruning with the Bosch Keo

One of the Keo’s many helpful functions is the fact that this cordless garden saw is just that – cordless. It allows you to drift around the garden without having to ensure you’re within reach of an external power point or that you’re not extending the limits of your electrical cord.

While that may be reason enough for any gardener to contemplate rushing out and buying one the “icing on the cake” is the helpful “A-grip” that attaches/detaches from the main body as desired. This device aids the saw from vibrating off a branch while you’re in the process of cutting its limb. Its teeth-like grip holds onto the branch ensuring your safety and making sure that the unsupported limb doesn’t bounce the saw away from the initial cut. If you’ve ever had trouble with this while using a hand-held pruning saw you can imagine how difficult the task might be with a power tool – hence the “A-grip”.

Here are some gardening tips on when is the best time to prune your trees and shrubs.

Safety Issues With This Cordless Garden Saw

Another advantage of this cordless saw is its ease to add and adjust the blade. Its SDS System ensures that you don’t need to play around with spanners, screwdrivers or any other tool to adjust a blade. It’s as easy as “plug and play” – maybe even easier. The blade just slots into the rotating mechanism and once in place allows the saw to operate as expected.

Now you may be forgiven for considering that surely safety hasn’t been considered if it’s as easy to attach/detach a blade from a cordless garden saw like this. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The Keo doesn’t engage until both the trigger and a safety switch are pressed synchronously – hats off to anyone (including a child) who can do that accidentally!

Other Uses for the Keo Garden Saw

The benefit of the detachable “A-grip” and blade means that the Keo can be used for a raft of other projects. Replacing the standard wood blade with a metal blade allows you to cut through metal sheet, tubing and other metal products. With another quick change the plaster blade allows you to slice through Gyprock™, plasterboard and even thin wall sheeting.

It truly is the multi-purpose tool for any garden that will make many of your current power tools, and even a few hand tools, superfluous from now on.

Is the Bosch Keo Worth a Place In The Garden Shed?

First, it’s a Bosch so you know it’s a quality tool.

Second, because it runs on a Li-Ion battery (no need for discharging meaning its life is increased) it offers unparalleled benefits for using in the garden.

And finally, because it has the ability to replace many of those fading tools in your shed this has got to be one multi-purpose garden saw that demands further inspection – at least. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.