Building a Shed

I’ve finally begun construction on our new shed which will take a little time but should be well worth the effort. For the previous 2 years we’ve been restricted to a 6″ x 4″ zincalume garden shed which is now full to overflowing and allows most of my tools to rust each winter.


We originally designed plans with a second storey loft on top as an extra room but alas ran into neighbour issues when she thought we were building a skyscaper (it was only 0.3m taller than the Shire regulations) which would overshadow her non-existant garden. Where is the justice!

Anyway….we’re back on track now and have started construction which will hopefully be completed before Easter – time and money willing!

How to Build A Shed

Step 1

The first part of the process is to set up the stud walls. These consist of a (1) top and base plates, (2) vertical supports, and (3) noggins for cladding support. Clamp the base and top plate together so that you can mark the cutouts. Measure these to be the same width as your upright supports. I’m using (90x45mm) CCA Pine for the top and base plates and (90x35mm) for the uprights and noggins.

With your circular saw continuously cut through the rebates to loosen the wood. Then wth a hammer and chisel knock these scraps out to leave a clean rebate for the uprights to sit into.

Step 2

Screw your two very end uprights into the top and base plate to create a box. On your two longest walls you will need to set an extra upright in place near to the end uprights (commencing at the width of the corresponding wall). In this case I set them to start at 90mm. These second end uprights will give you something to nail into once you install your cladding.

Continue adding the remainder of your uprights until this part of the frame is complete. The measurements I’ve used are (1) spacing 450mm, (2) wall height 2400mm.

Step 3

Now you’re ready to insert the noggins. These act as support for your cladding and should be spaced accordingly. Most cladding materials come in standard sizes and the type I’ll be using comes in sheets of 2400x1200mm. Therefore, my noggins need to be set with the middle at least at 1200mm high.

To insert these between your uprights, pre-drill your nail holes at a 45 degree angle and partly insert your nail. Set these up at the correct measurement and hammer them in.
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