Bush Poles Arbor #3

I didn’t get to photograph this Sunday afternoon for as soon as we had finished putting the last post into the ground the heavens opened up and we had a torrential downpour like we haven’t seen for some time. It was great to have the rain but it meant that I had to take this photo after work in the dark.

This is Arbor #3. The final one! My other ones, Arbor #2 and the original Garden Arbor were a series of three that I needed to build. This one is very different to the others and reflects the garden environment that we’re building it within.

We went out into the bush to get some firewood and hopefully a few bush poles but it soon turned into the opposite affair. We hunted for the perfect poles all Saturday afternoon and picked up a little bit of firewood to justify the experience. Then Sunday afternoon we took the initiative to cement the four main posts in the ground.

This arbor will eventually support a grape vine and become the entrance to our new garden room. We tried to create something more rustic for our “old-world” themed garden and while we could have built a wrought iron arbor, we’re fans of wood and have decided to build something that would have been built prior to GMC power tools.

The next part of the process is to tie on some supporting poles with sisal rope and then weave some wire through the uprights to give some structure to train the grapes onto.

I will keep you posted with more photos as we go along.

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