Camping In Your Garden

Camping in your own garden may not be as peculiar as it sounds – especially as hiking and tenting spots become more regulated. Pets aren’t allowed in most places. Neither is alcohol. And the all important campfire is getting squashed more and more.

Your garden, on the other hand, is only legislated by the by-laws that you abide by already. Open fires may have limited seasons but in a chiminea or brazier you can easily conjure the warmth of the outdoors and sitting around an open fire.

However, if you want to combine both your love for gardening AND camping then you may want to plan to marry these two before you get started. Once the garden has been designed and landscaped with hedges, pathways and water features it may not leave enough room for a tent, let alone a campsite.
If you consider the places that you are more likely to camp when enjoying the great outdoors you will notice that most of the favourite spots are treed, privately secluded but still accessible to some of the mod cons of life – ie. toilets. So, when you’re setting up your camping spot in the garden think about planting out a woodland area where you can shade your tent and the campsite.

Also, consideration for what type of trees to plant is equally as essential. Trees that tend to drop their limbs at will such as eucalypts are not a good option. While other low-growing species may just be downright annoying as their foliage scrapes against the canvas. So, trees that grow-quickly – and straight – such as birches and conifers are exceptional choices.

As you plant out your woodland, leave enough space for a clearing. While the tent can be hidden under the tree canopy you will need a clearing to position a fireplace and somewhere to sit. This area doesn’t need to be large but it does need to be big enough to accomodate you and your friends or family.

If you set up your garden to allow camping at the outset then the garden can grow without inhibiting your space. If you try to create one after the garden has been established, it will become a much tougher assignment. Regardless, creating a camping site in your garden will reward you for many years to come.

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