Seven Very Cheap Garden Fence Ideas

If you’re trying to save money on your garden fence there are many ways to be creative and stick within your budget. It all depends, however, on what you want your fence to do.

If it’s just for the sheer aesthetic value making a cheap garden fence is very achievable. But, if you plan to secure your home and make it more impenetrable than Fort Knox you may have to fork out a few dollars.


Some of the best garden fence ideas are created, not by landscapers, but by DIYers trying to save a dollar or two. Take a look around your city or suburb and take note of some of the elements that are used in everyday life; timber, glass, concrete and metals – to name a few. So here are a few fence ideas to help inspire those creative juices.

Rustic Wooden Garden Fence

This wooden fence is high on the aesthetic value and low on the security side and would be quite easy for an DIY landscaper to construct in a spare weekend. Depending on your location, sourcing the materials shouldn’t be hard and in most cases can be accessed from your own property or local forest. Even secondhand wood from building sites would work well.

Front Garden White Picket Fence

This garden fence is almost an institution especially amongst cottage gardeners. Your budget will dictate what’s possible with erecting a white picket fence but if your trying to keep it cheap I would recommend scrounging through demolition or salvage yards.

One of the big downsides to picket fences is the constant maintenance. So, while you may be able to buy cheap pickets it would certainly be worth your time investing in a good exterior white paint and using galvanized nails or screws. They will both cost a little more but will save you years on maintaining it.
BTW – picket fences don’t have to be white nor be relegated to the front yard!!

Dry Stone Wall

If larger rocks can be easily and cheaply accessed in your area then a dry stone wall is possibly the best option for a high security fence made within a limited budget. There is no mortar or steel rods to purchase and no footings to be laid. It’s just a matter of positioning your rocks so that the wall interlocks with itself.

The added advantage of a dry stone wall is that once it’s completed there is no further ongoing maintenance and it will last for centuries – if it’s been well constructed.

Bamboo Garden Fence

Like the dry stone wall, if bamboo is easily accessible (try areas where it has become an invasive weed) then erecting a bamboo fence is also going to be a relatively cheap option. Bamboo is also very strong so if the garden fence is constructed well it should offer some degree of security as well as looking great.

The bamboo fence is another option that is low in maintenance and won’t require painting or costly oils. If bamboo isn’t available in your area, then brushwood may be worth considering as well. Both types of fence will take some time to tie up but it is much cheaper to do it yourself than buy sheets already prepared.

Rusty Iron Fence

The beauty of garden fences is the ability to hide them with creepers and climbing plants. Thus, you can easily source old rusty iron fencing from a salvage yard and then hide it as you allow your creeping plants to grow over it. An iron fence like this should offer some privacy and also a high level of security. Plus, once it’s grown over will also prove to be incredibly aesthetic.

This is also another low maintenance garden fence and you may even decide to allow some of it to show between your plants to add to the effect.

Brick Garden Fence

Using recycled bricks, a brick fence can be one of the cheapest yet high security garden fence options on offer. Unlike the dry stone wall you will need to also purchase and mix up some mortar to hold them together but this shouldn’t be too expensive.

Leaving the gaps in the fence like this will compromise whether you’re after privacy or a cheap fence. If you would rather more privacy then make the gaps smaller or non-existent. Otherwise, relish in the knowledge that you saved yourself some extra bucks.

Bottle Garden Fence

For a slightly more eccentric look you could construct a bottle fence. The idea is that from the street it looks like a wall of bottles that you would find in a cellar but it’s been glued together with mortar to form an impenetrable garden fence. If you have an abundance of large bottles then this is not only a cheap option but also a very easy one.

You also have the ability to make patterns in the wall with different coloured glass bottles. Even adding some paint to the mortar joints or using a pigmented mortar can add some extra aesthetic value.
Are there any that I’ve missed? How did you save money on your garden fence?

Looking for More Garden Fence Ideas?

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