Choosing a Wicker Loveseat for your Outdoor Area

Of the many furniture pieces that could adorn your outdoor area, a loveseat is probably one of those options that you’ve dreamt about but never seriously contemplated. And for quite good reasons too. Often these outdoor pieces just sit around and collect dust or are covered in plastic to preserve their materials – hardly an impressive way to display them.

Since the advent of the wicker loveseat, or rattan as they are also commonly known, these outdoor chairs have become less expensive and far more weather-resistant. Their colour range and style has been expanded considerably and they offer one of the most attractive seats for the garden.
The loveseat originated as a couch for two people that was cosy enough to offer seating for couples but didn’t provide much distance between them. If personal space was an issue then this sofa was most likely avoided but for couples it afforded them the excuse of snuggling close together.

The real history of the loveseat began in period France where the S-Shaped loveseat was the furniture piece of the era. It allowed courters to sit next to each other for a little “Tête-à-tête” with a distinctive boundary set between them.

These days we’ve modernised the approach and our loveseats are best referrred to as sofas, couches or settees.

But, if you take these outdoors then the materials need to be robust enough to handle the elements which is why the wicker loveseat makes sense. While wicker is generally translated as a woven material made from organic resources (twigs, grasses reeds etc.) the terminology is often accepted as the “style” more than the material. Therefore, a wicker loveseat can be constructed of rattan as much as it can also represent a plastic material.

Often wicker loveseats are created from organic materials which offer some longevity but can also fade or snap with constant use. So, manufacturers are now opting to use durable hard-wearing plastics as an alternative for cheaper products but they offer a much longer life on your patio.

The benefit of a true wicker loveseat, one made from organic materials, is that the resources are renewable and eco-friendly both in the manufacturing process but also when it’s time to dispose of them. Plus, they are often made in countries where it’s a large source of their industry and income providing developing nations with much needed labour.

Another consideration when choosing a wicker loveseat is the type of cushions that come with it. Vinyl covered upholstery is certainly more practical but hardly offers the snug feeling one woudl expect from a loveseat. The vinyl option may afford you the option to keep these outdoors all the time however if regularly bringing the cushions indoors is no issue then opting for a fabric alternative is definitely the way to go.

Whatever you choose, if you’re considering an outdoor lounge for your patio then a wicker loveseat is a very inexpensive solution that offers grace and practicality to your outdoor area. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.