DIYWoman – Gardening Tools Designed For Women

Now here’s a website for all you women who are tired of living in a man’s world.

I was stumbling around the web looking for some inspiration and I happened to come across this very chic gardening tool site. It had two things going for it that made it stand out as a site of note. Firstly, it was Australian – a definite winner for an Aussie blogger, and second it was purely designed for women – a very brave notion targeting your audience to a maximum 50% of the population.

But it didn’t seem like it was suffering at all from a reduced target market. In fact, if anything, it appeared to be creating a formidable niche – tailoring DIY tools (not just for the garden) to women.

Apparently, the tools are designed with a women’s hand size and shape in mind rather than a brawny male. And they’re designed in colours that, …well, they’re a little more effeminate than most guys would appreciate.

DIYWoman was started by Sandra Dobbin, the CEO of Master Distributors, after more than two years of extensive research into the industry. Her dream was to give women the ability and confidence to do their own projects around the home whether it be screwing a painting to the wall or replanting some annuals in the garden.

DIYWoman has a great range exhibiting everything from potting tables, garden tools, hammers and screwdrivers. All in purple and green.
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