Exciting Colour Combo’s For Your Garden

While I’m not one for just growing flowers they sure have an incredible appeal when you’re trying to bring colour into garden beds. Foliage can be used just as well, but the vibrancy that blooms give is unequalled.

Every gardener knows that matching colours can make or break a garden. Those that seem to get it right can instinctively match shades and hues, entwining different colours until a marriage of plants brings the garden bed to life.

The one problem for most gardeners is that you only have a season to get it right. And, if you’re like me, matching colours can seem as awkward as dancing with two left feet.

So let me point you to a tool that may solve your colour-dyslexia – Colourlovers.com.

This site is nothing but colour. A social bookmarking site it lets you peruse the myriad of palettes that others have designed and you can even create your own. Here’s a palette that I created.

In fact, you could find almost any image you like and pluck out the major colours that you like. Then match the shades to flowers and foliage plants that grow well in your area and recreate the colour scheme.

Now it’s up to you to be the creative genius. Use your plants as the painter’s palette.

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