Five Cheap-ish Rabbit Cages for the Garden

Bunnies make wonderful pets but they do need a proper hutch to keep them safe when they are outside. Rabbit cages must have enough space for the rabbit(s) to move around easily, and a protected space for them to nap and keep warm. Here are five options that will provide the perfect backyard garden home for your bunny.

The Trixie Natura Apex Rabbit Hutch and Run provides for all your rabbit’s needs. It takes a little space due to the size of the run. Total dimensions are 123x76x96cm, and costs £109.99. Constructed from glazed pine wood, water and weather proof, and easy to assemble, this hutch has an extra durable, metal lattice which keeps unwanted visitors out of your bunny’s space. The lattice is coated to make it rust resistant in outdoor weather. A non-slip ramp makes access to the house or run easy. Two main doors make access simple, and a pull-out plastic tray allows quick and easy cleaning of the hutch. The weather-proof apex roof’s asphalt-coating keeps the interior dry and comfortable. Assembly takes about an hour, then you can enjoy your rabbit hutch for years to come.

For those who have limited space in their garden, a Walter Harrison Hexagonal Rabbit Hutch is perfect. Its dimensions are 105cm W x 88cm D x 140cm H, and it costs £149.99. This hutch has a unique design, stylish, spacious, and made from the highest quality fir wood and felt. It has extra high gauge, powder-coated mesh that even covers the bottom to stop your bunny from digging out. The roof is reinforced for durability and can be removed to access to your bunny. The hexagon has multiple doors keeping bunny in easy reach. A pull-out muck tray provides easy cleaning. A lockable, fold-up ramp separates the compartments when you want your rabbit to stay in one place. Let down it provides access to the entire unit. Flat-packed for mailing, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and assembles with little fuss.

Trixie Natura’s Apex Rabbit Hutch and Run costs £199.99. It measures 186x93x146cm due to the large rabbit run. The hutch is fabricated from glazed pine. Its lockable hatch keeps bunny safe and closed off in its living quarters at night. Two main doors and a pull-out plastic tray make cleaning simple. The asphalt-coated, weather-proof apex roof opens to an attic area which can store bedding, or insulate in winter, when you can stuff it with straw.

The Outback Comfort with Pen is easy to assemble and clean. It is a quality-built hutch and pen set. The unit is divided into a house for sleeping and the pen. The sleeping chamber has a coated wood floor, while the rest of the hutch has a finely meshed, removable floor. The sleeping room’s door opens for easy cleaning and becomes a ramp to the stall from the pen. Made with a stable grated wood construction, it can be easily folded to save space. The Comfort Hutch’s wood is treated for weather resistance and the tar roofing weatherproofs the entire unit. The dimensions of the medium hutch are L 91 x W 61 x H 87 cm (sloping toward the back).

The Apex Sykes Rabbit Hutch and Run Combo provides true quality and style for your bunny. Your pet gets a warm bedroom and living area upstairs, and a run beneath. This hutch is made from 30x30mm framing, with a floor of 9mm thick exterior plywood. It has a thick triple roof, fully waterproof. The run is as wide as the hutch, made of 19G wire for strength and durability. The hutch comes built, with the run flat packed, at a cost of £109.00.
Any of these five rabbit cages will give your cuddly bunny a cozy, wonderful home, and provide you with the knowledge that your pet is safe from escape and predators. You will have years of joy with your hutch and pet rabbit. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.