Garden Crime is Growing

Remember the days when you could leave your front door unlocked as you whizzed down to the corner store? Or, the car could be left unattended with the engine idling and the windows down?

I’m a little too young to remember those days myself, but folklore has been handed down to me by my forefathers of a bygone era. And it seems that leaving your tools where you need them may not be as safe anymore.

According to this report thieves broke into an allotment shed and stole a lawnmower, rotovator and pump while in another police are advising gardeners to weigh down their pot plants, anchor valuable garden ornaments and security mark expensive tools.

Garden crime seems to be escalating as the value of gardening equipment increases and the opportunity to dispose of items quickly becomes much easier. Gardeners need to be more shrewd than ever just to keep their garden tools, plants and furniture protected and find preventative measures that ensure they’ll remain in their gardens.

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