The Garden Hopper – Scooting ‘Round Your Yard

This must be one of the most wonderful gardening inventions that we’ve seen in a long time! The Garden Hopper, also affectionately called the Lawn Buddy, Garden Scooter or mobile gardening stool, is one of those products that easily capture the imagination of the public because it has such a practical use.

Before the garden hopper was created, gardeners who suffered from a bad back, sore knees or general physical fatigue had to rely on kneeling mats or other contraptions to permit them some enjoyment in their yard. These products were ok but they required moving each time another part of the garden beckoned. The gardener would then have to traverse their way back to a standing position, move the mat and then try to kneel again. Once is fine, twice is manageable but three or more times and you can shove your mat….you get the idea!

Created by Step2, notably renowned for their children’s toys, the garden hopper is sheer genius. Basically it’s a seat on wheels. A mobile workstation, if you will, that trundles around the garden while the gardener remains firmly seated on its work seat. It allows the gardener to propel themselves with ease while being able to be close enough to the action.

This rolling garden workseat also has space for your all your hand tools, a molded spot for your cold drink and a handy carry lever. The only drawback is teaching your kids, or your grand-kids, that it’s not a toy but a delicate piece of machinery crafted precisely for grandma’s every whim.

The only downside of the garden hopper is that it doesn’t seem to offer a handbrake of any sort. While this may be superfluous scooting around in long grass, for those who container garden on the back of the paved patio it will become a necessity. If you struggle to get back to your feet from a normal chair then trying to cope with this much lower seat – on wheels – is a disaster waiting to happen.

Apart from that little oversight, the garden hopper is a modern day wonder. It’s durable plastic construction won’t become brittle if left outdoors, shouldn’t fade – too quickly – and with only four wheels as its moving parts will keep you careering ’round your yard for many years to come. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.