Ever Wondered What It Takes To Be A Garden Judge

To judge a garden, and enjoy it at the same time, is certainly an art. Controlling your mind so that it can analyse certain elements and structure over allowing the senses to revel in a landscape takes a certain amount of discipline and self control – surely.

And to remain impartial – because let’s face it, not every garden is “our” cup of tea. So, it must take a special person who can engage both sides of their brain to be a garden judge. Someone who can walk through any garden and remain analytical but allow every breath to ruminate upon their senses.

Chelsea Flower Show judge, Andrew Wilson, is one such person and his tips on how to judge a garden, remain as objective as possible and still enjoy every garden is available here. It’s a very refreshing article if you’ve ever wondered what it might take to be a garden judge, and how to judge gardens.

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