Gardening Blogs Helpful Posts of the Week [27-04-2007]

I’ve been a tad slack the past few weeks missing this weekly roundup of the gardening blogosphere. This post helps encapsulate and summarise some of the great tips that have been offered by experienced gardeners who share their knowledge via their garden blogs.

While I’m still catching up on some great reading and useful tips, I thought I would showcase what I’ve found so far;

  • Marc from Garden Desk wrote a very informative post to answer his friends question Why are there so many different tomatoes? To the non-gardener a ‘tomato’ is a tomato while we enjoy the intricacies of the abundance of varietals and how to grow them. Marc answers the question very well.
  • Garden Porn (definitely SFW – Safe For Work) may have a name that scares a few readers away but after recently discovering this great blog courtesy of Rick Anderson’s blogroll, I must say I’m hooked. This blog features some incredible landscape design images and posts and has this week written a helpful post on placing and integrating a spa into your garden design.For those who don’t have, or ever intend to have a spa, it’s still a useful read for how to incorporate any design elements into the backyard.
  • In My Kitchen Garden has written a helpful review on a book titled Astrological Gardening which discusses tips and ideas for gardening by the moon and stars.
  • I’ve not seen Wall-O-Water’s before but Molly Day from All the Dirt on Gardening has them growing in her vegetable patch. Well…not literally growing, but she hopes to grow some garlic between them as they have helped warm up the ground. Sounds like an interesting gardening idea and I look forward to seeing how these progress.
  • Rob from Sustainable Garden tries to explain why chickens get grumpy. I’m not sure he’s found the answer but I can only extend the hand of empathy on this one. Chickens are fickle creatures and I find the best way to get them laying is to hit the problem HEAD on – if you get my gist.
  • And finally, Gayla from You Grow Girl has written 12 reasons why I don’t grow edibles in my street garden. Trust me when I say that one reason is probably enough but Gayla goes all the way and explains every possible reason for not doing this.

And there you have it. Another week and hopefully another list of helpful posts that might aid your gardening. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.