GBBD: Am I Too Late?

So the calendar says it’s the 19th, but in a post-modern world surely MY truth prevails over what others perceive as reality. I mean…it feels like the 15th…doesn’t it?

Actually, I took these photos on the 15th but this last week of work before the holidays have been diabolical. Not to mention that a friend of mine passed away after a 2-year battle of cancer which has kept me insanely busy helping with the funeral preps and all that accompanies someone dying.

Still, to cheer oneself up all one must do is ‘smell the roses’ – or at least share some pictures of them.

Don’t ask me the name of this one…I always forget it. It’s our beautiful creeping miniature floribunda that we’re training over our front arbour. It’s taking its time to grow but we certainly enjoy its beauty and perfume when it shows off.

I have two others of these Gardenia augusta ‘Florida’s and if I could find room would easily take more. This one is near the front door so hits you with its aroma as you enter the house. Plus, as it dies it’s petals turn a mustard yellow before browning. Gorgeous.

This gerbera was a discard plant that the kids found on the vacant lot across the road. Ironically it flowers better than the four other varieties that we paid good money for.

Dodonea cuneata the common Hop Bush resides in my native garden and like the poinsettia and bouganvilleas doesn’t flower but displays these beautiful red bracts. It also has all year appeal with its changing foliage from dark green through burgundy – awesome plant.

Commonly known as Dusty Miller, Senecio cineraria is often grown for its wonderful grey foliage but who could blame a gardener for wanting an extra spray of colour when these flowers pop?

This is our second year with these Tioga strawberries and while we had a few to eat last season this year is looking far better.

And that’s it for another month. If you want to see some more of my garden photos they can be seen through my Flickr profile.

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