Hibernating Ladybirds?

Hibernating LadybirdsI’ve often wondered what happens to ladybirds (ladybugs) in the winter. Do they fly south (north) as migrating birds? Or, do they all die out and wait until the spring before their pre-birthed larvae hatch?

Apparently not. Christa from Calendula and Concrete has pointed us in the direction of this great article by Tom Turpin, Professor of Entymology at Purdue University.

The juice is that they find warm places, such as our homes, to rest their weary souls in preparation for the upcoming aphid-ridding season. Voids in walls and attic spaces are the preferred sleeping quarters where there is warmth and a high level of non-disturbance.

Which got me thinking…where do flies go? If we could find that out I’m sure we could nuke the site and enjoy our barbeques undisturbed forever.

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