How Much is My Blog Worth?

It all depends on who you ask? VP earlier in the week discussed the question of how much your blog is worth? I remember when this tool first came out, a couple years ago now, when my blogs were quite young and I would often go there to calculate whether they were increasing in value.

But value is a very subjective thing and the prices for my blogs differ amazingly depending on who’s calculating.

For this blog here are the numbers;

  • Cubestat thinks my site’s worth $5,781.60.
  • WebsiteOutlook is a little more generous with $7,971.60.
  • Dane Carlson’s blog valuer rips both of those suggesting that this blog might be worth $28,227.00.
  • Dnscoop is even more generous offering $29,757.00.
  • Again, Cubestat comes out as the miser suggesting that $8,133.66 might be a good starting price
  • WebsiteOutlook thought it’s worth marginally more at $10,738.30
  • Dnscoop calculated it being less value than my blog at $24,168
  • while Dane Carlson offered the princely sum of $52,502.22

While the figures may give some direction (if I were to sell, that is) I’d be much happier with the top price than the lower – who wouldn’t. But does this give me a clear indication of the true value?

For me, these sites are priceless and if I were to calculate them based on a hourly rate even the top figures would pale into insignificance. But there’s even more than that woven into a blog’s value. Money can’t always satisfy our own perceptions of what something is worth.

Recently, someone offered to buy one of my blogs. The initial figure was pathetic but it gave a starting point for discussions. As we to and fro’ed trying to determine value the final offer escalated to 4 times the starting price yet I still couldn’t part with it.

Firstly, I wasn’t looking to sell and even when there was a price on the table it made me consider how much I appreciated what I had put into the blog and sentimentality took over. In some ways it was like being asked to sell my childhood photo albums. Memories that I would never be able to recover again and could only look at from a distance. And I would have given control to the buyer to cut, edit or change any of the pictures as they chose – something that didn’t really appeal to me.

So, what’s my blog worth? For a million bucks, I could get over it. Yet a fair value doesn’t always seem so fair. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.