How To Sell Your Frangipani Flowers

The Hawaiian Lei flower, or the frangipani, is found in the tropical climates of the globe. These flowers with their wide range of colours and pinwheel design are the essence of the tropics, a reminder of warm sunny days, and desirable around the globe. They carry a highly attractive scent that is strong enough to detect without becoming overpowering. An excellent addition to bouquets and even cut arrangements, their propeller shape and sweet yellow centers make them an excellent complimentary flower for any garden, patio or floral arrangement. Here are some tips to help you sell the beautiful frangipani flowers you have to offer.

As with most flowers, the growth of frangipanis is not limited to their native tropical regions. With the aid of greenhouses and care, they can be grown throughout the world. Available in a range of colors and shapes, frangipanis are appealing to many different people. Most people are not familiar with frangipanis, so the first step to selling them will be to get the word out that they are available.

How To Sell Frangipani Flowers

Get a Facebook page for your flowers, and invite everyone you know to join. Highlight the incredible range of colours the flowers are available in. Take close-up pictures of the solid bright yellows, pristine purples and everything in between. Photograph not only the different shapes, but also take pictures showing how well they work in bouquets. Offer a discount to first-time buyers to entice them to make the plunge, or offer an incentive to anyone who refers a sale to you. Word of mouth advertising can be the most effective, and it’s the cheapest.

This hardy flower is also forgiving and is the perfect choice for growing on balconies in containers. The lush green foliage is attractive and adds variety as the flowers begin to blossom. Advertise your flowers at local apartment communities, condos and townhome communities. Leaving a business card is a simple solution, but a better idea is to engage in some free advertising that benefits both you and the leasing office. Ask if you can leave some potted flowers in the office, or some lovely arrangements. Put your stack of business cards next to the arrangement so people can pick one up when they stop to admire the flowers.

Take time to consider your business cards and put more thought into yours than a simple listing of contact information. On the reverse side of the card list the different colours that are available and the basic care information. Consider including a list of the different uses for these flowers. Play up the flowers reputation as being the “flower of love”. Consider adding a coupon for first-time customers to encourage them to make that phone call.

The scent of frangipani flowers is known to soothe people and help them relax. Historically they have been planted around churches and temples, giving them some religious significance. This creates another selling opportunity for your flowers. Visit local nursing homes and see if you can leave some frangipani flowers with them, along with the stack of cards.

Take advantage of fund-raisers to get some cheap advertising. Donate some beautiful flowers for sale. Include a business card on the container, along with a coupon to encourage people to buy frangipani flowers.

There is so much information to share when it comes to frangipani flowers that a brochure may be beneficial. In addition to the business cards, you could also leave a small stack of brochures where you can offer a full listing of the flowers benefits, features, options and uses. Visit all the local businesses you frequent and ask if you can leave some of the brochures or cards. If they will allow it, leave some flowers, also. The flowers will draw interest and help you earn more sales.

Suitable for any dwelling as well as businesses, frangipani flowers are the perfect addition to most landscapes. Get free advertising at home by using frangipani flowers to add some interest and a piece of the tropics to your outdoor garden or grow them in a container on your patio. If it won’t cause problems with your neighbours, consider putting a sign out in your yard advertising your lovely flowers for sale.

Finally, be sure to have pictures of your flowers or arrangements. When visiting fund raisers, local fairs or other areas you can take the pictures to demonstrate the many uses for this amazing little flower. Before you know it, people will not only know what frangipani flowers are, they will also know to contact you to buy frangipani flowers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.