Ideas for Valentine’s Day

As if gardeners aren’t true romantics at heart!

Sure, we’re not suckered into all the commercialism of another day for the sake of buying gifts. But, we do want to show our true love that our feelings for them have not changed – perhaps they’ve grown even stronger. Sappy, isn’t it?

Regardless, the rose which is most often a young man’s gift of choice (who lacks imagination) as he tries to woo his endeared, comes straight from the garden – or at least it should.

But the days of unimaginative gifts are over and it’s time to replace the rose with something a little more…contemporary.

Try these ideas for Valetine’s Day;

  • A potted Yellow Gerbera Nothing says I love you more than a yellow gerbera. Trust me on this! It’s happy, vibrant, ostentatious and deliriously attractive. Guys, if you want to win your true-loves heart then leave the rose at the florists and head down to the nursery to pick one of these ideas up.
  • Flowery Lingerie If you’re like me you wouldn’t be seen dead in a lingerie shop. But, I have found another alternative, and I’m not talking online. Gift Vouchers. Phone the store ahead of time and tell them the details of what you’re looking for and how much you want to pay and they’ll organise it for you to swiftly pick it up at the counter.
  • Patent a hand-reared plant specimen This Valentine’s idea is going to knock her socks off. Discovering a plant is an incredible feat and one of the privileges of doing this is naming it. And, who better to name it after than your true-love? Sure it will take a little while to successfully invent but you’ve had all year!!! Do you really love this woman?
  • Lavender Oil Scents It’s no difficult task to purchase a bottle of lavender oil essence these days but if you truly want to impress your sweetheart this Valentines then try making your own. Steam is supposedly the best way to extract the oil but what if you took to crushing it with your manly brute strength. As if that’s not going to impress?
  • Take her for a walk down a garden path It’s cheap. It’s effective. And, it says ‘I Love You’ more than pound-gaining chocolates. What’s more, it will keep her in shape. (Tip: Don’t discard the FREE ideas).

There’s enough Valentines ideas to get you started. If none of these seem appropriate then just stick to the cliche roses and chocolates. They’ve worked before, I’m sure they can work again! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.