Landscaping Your Garden Aspect

Landscaping your garden is like gazing into a crystal ball and hoping that everything is going to grow, weather, change and adapt exactly the way you want it. You know what you want but you also know that some of the variables are outside your control.

This is my favourite aspect of my garden at the moment and has performed far better than I could ever imagine. Keep in mind that it is only 12 months old and the idea was to have a garden full of bustling natives that looked as if someone had formalised the bush. These plants still have a way to go to maturity but it is already beginning to surpass our expectations.

Fortunately we can borrow the landscape from our neighbours who are also growing some natives with a beautiful leucadendron poking it’s head above the fence. We were able to keep some of our magnificent peppermint trees and even some of the carex grass in the foreground was originally part of the scene.

We often sit down in the afternoon with a cup of coffee admiring the view and anticipating what this will look like when the fences are covered and we really will feel like we’re sitting in the bush.

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