Nick Federoff Swaps Airwaves For Optic Fibre

While Los Angeles radio listeners have enjoyed the charismatic voice of gardening guru Nick Federoff for years, it appears he will soon be heard by millions more. His two-hour syndicated program is about to be broadcast on the internet via UTR Radio (which is double-speak for Unbelievable Talk Radio radio).

However, he’s not producing these as freely downloadable MP3’s or available as podcasts for the single user. These shows are being on-sold to web radio stations to deliver to their audiences.

So if you’re thinking marketing strategy for your own gardening blog you could get in on the ground floor and air these yourself. Provided you’re willing to part with a minimum $25 per week (and it can be as much as $200+) then you too could play Federoff’s weekly show.

And, you don’t get the sole rights for the show at this price either. Any other gardening radio service can subscribe to his radiocasts as well.

Susan, here’s the little pot of rainbow gold you were looking for. Being a coach to millions of gardeners seems to rake in the dollars more than the ones and twos.

And who knows. Maybe you’ve got a little something to add to the hobbyists who are looking for answers to their gardening problems. If so, here’s a list of resources to get you started. It could be the beginning of a whole new venture.

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