One Hour Gardening

Time is never an issue once you step into the garden. It’s as though the world needs this dimension as much as an Alaskan needs a refrigerator. It passes by gracefully: not imposing itself on the enjoyment you experience and certainly not caring if you’re wasteful with it.

But, life seems to keep speeding up as though your ignorance of time has no bearing upon it. And it doesn’t. It is no respecter of persons. A 15-minute grab can easily roll into a 2-hour “I’ll only be another 5 minutes”.

So, what happens when you’re only given a limited amount of time to garden. Perhaps the season has made the days shorter, or life circumstances restrict hours wistfully spent on your gardening hobby.

What if you only had 1 hour to garden – per day, week, month?

Would it change the way you garden? Would you find yourself prioritizing more, and enjoying less?

I recently read the One-hour Garden (aff.) and it amazed me how wasteful I have become with my time. Not time spent in the garden but time I procrastinate about getting into the garden.

In my mind, I build up these huge expectations of what I want to achieve and then contemplate the time needed to do them. A quick glance at the clock, a reluctant head shake and the next thing I know I’m sitting in front of the idiot-box wasting that precious window of opportunity.

I’m slowly starting to realise that an hour in the garden is still an hour no matter where I spend it. And to be painfully obvious, I’d much rather that hour digging through soil, deadheading my spent flowers or turning the compost. It feels like I’ve connected with my garden the same way a hug reunites me with my wife.

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