One Year Old Today


Twelve months ago I set about delivering a brand new type of gardening blog. Full of facts, tips, ideas, inspiration and general gardening news I have tried to deliver a blog that might help benefit gardeners who are just starting out in their journey just as I did a few short years ago.

What I found though was that I met a heap of other gardeners who were also willing to share their knowledge, debate their opinions and generally show off their awesome gardens. I’ve been humbled by the interactivity and willingness of gardeners far superior to my talent to come and share and participate in this world known as the blogsophere.

So, after 66,774 pageviews; 43,874 visitors; 419 posts (including this one) and more than 679 comments I wanted to make my first blog birthday a celebration of your involvement. In particular I wanted to highlight those gardeners who have commented the most on my blog over the past twelve months and have compiled a list of the top 10. To you, and others who have dropped in over the year – THANK YOU!

  1. Alice – A Grower’s Delight (57)
  2. Val – Val Has Her Say (57)
  3. Kerri – Colors of the Garden (46)
  4. Kim – A Study in Contrasts (33)
  5. Nelumbo – The Garden Blog (of a gal growing southern) (31)
  6. Annie in Austin – The Transplantable Rose (22)
  7. Trey – The Blogging Nurseryman (12)
  8. Carol – May Dreams Gardens (11)
  9. Lisa – Millertime (9)
  10. Colleen – In the Garden Online (9)
  11. Corrine – Mallee Native Plants (9)

Okay…so the list was a little more than 10 – but who’s counting? I’ve had a wonderful year despite a few setbacks (namely from my original name) and all that was associated with that dilemma.

I enjoyed starting this post (which BTW became the most commented post on my blog this year) and seeing how others responded to it.

I’ve made some great online friends from all over the world and I am looking forward to being part of this ongoing gardening blogosphere well into the future.

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