Our Aussie Road Trip (6 Month Hiatus)

8 AM Friday morning should see us steering our rig off the front lawn and into our family’s adventure of a lifetime. We’ve been planning a trip around Australia for the past 18 months – even longer if you take into account the moment the idea first popped into our heads. In a little more than 24 hours that dream is about to be realised.

Needless to say, Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas will be changing course over the next half-year. That’s right, we’re taking you with us. While we will still be adding heaps of helpful hints and tips I’ll be showing you some of the wonderful plant specimens and gardens as we traverse this awesome country.
Plus, if you want to keep up with where we’re going we’ve set up a family blog at AussieRoadTrip.com.

Before you ask, the kids will be educated while on the road but mostly from their experiences. One of their activities will be sharing their day via their own blog while Deb and I will keep ours for posterity sake.

We’d love to have you come along with us and if you have any gardens that you know of that we should be visiting please let us know.

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