Outdoor Bamboo Blinds: DIY Installation

When you are looking for privacy for your outdoor living space, you need something that is versatile against the weather climates. You want it to look classy, too. Outdoor bamboo blinds are the answer. With many styles, there will be one that is right for your space. There are many places that you can purchase affordable bamboo blinds and best of all, they are easy to install yourself to save some additional money.

There is no need to pay a company to come out and measure a window and install blinds for you when it can be done yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Types Of Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

You have decided that you want bamboo blinds for your outdoor patio or terrace, but the decision-making process does not end there. First, you will need to pick out a few things.

The first part of the decision will be how you want the bamboo to look. You won’t need to worry about different colors because they are never stained. Bamboo is a natural look, which means that it will not be uniform. There may be some knots and different textures and colors to it. This is the charm of using bamboo. You will need to decide if you want matchstick, larger rods or woven planks of bamboo.

From there, you will determine how the outdoor bamboo blinds will rest against the screen or in the space that you are placing them. You can find roll up blinds, vertical blinds, or Roman shades.

Once you have decided on the way the bamboo will look and how the blind goes up and down (or side to side) you are ready to start shopping.

Shopping For Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Installing the blinds yourself means that you don’t need to shop at high-end stores that include installation. These are costly alternatives that you should only consider if you do not know how to operate a hand drill and a level.

Since you have already decided on the bamboo blinds that you want for your home, you don’t need to spend any time looking for an experienced sales consultant. Simply focus on where you will be able to get the best deal. You will find many of the styles at stores such as:

– Asian Import stores;
– Home Improvement warehouses;
– Department stores;
– Discount retail stores;
– Online wholesalers’ and retailers.

Before going, you will need to take a tape measure to the area and outline what size you will need for your space. You will need the length within the window or door frame as well as the width. Ensure that the measurements are on the inside of the frame and not the outside.

You will typically find multiple sizes on the blinds. Notice that your measurements will fit one of the pre-fabricated outdoor bamboo blind kits. You may need more than one kit to fit within a certain area.

Once you have the blinds, check to make sure the kit comes with the installation hardware. Otherwise, head over to the hardware store for some brackets and screws.

Installing Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

You should get a pencil and a tape measure before you start drilling your holes. Check the bamboo blinds and determine where on the interior of the frame you will place the holes. Mark these with a pencil.

You are then ready to place your mounting hardware onto the frame. Match your hardware up to the holes and get your drill out. You will drill into your frame and ensure that the screws hold the hardware in place tightly. The head rail, if there is one, should either be part of the hardware to be installed or will slide in place. You will need to place a level on it to make sure that it is straight. Once these are in place, you are ready to slide your bamboo blinds into place.

Voila! You have outdoor bamboo blinds that are weather-proof and you’ve saved a lot of money by doing it all yourself.

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