PlantMinder – No More Overwatering Plants

One idea that appears to have generated a plethora of new products has been one where a product of some description will continuously water your container plants for a short period of time. Many of these have been gel substances or solutions that not only water your plant but also add nutrients and chemicals.

The one problem with many that are on the market is that they are usually single-use and in an atmosphere where environmental conservation is pivotal are hardly tempting for the green gardener.

What I find endearing about the PlantMinder&trade water bulb is its propensity to being refilled. While a pack of 4 mini bulbs will set you back approximately US$24 (roughly $6 ea) they can be used over and over again. This may sound a little expensive but when you consider that many of the single-use water bulbs cost almost as much (and in some cases more) you will find that they are quite reasonable.

Another advantage of the PlantMinder&trade water bulb is that they can be used all the time not just when you head off on holidays. The bulb can hold enough water to feed your plant for 6 weeks so you’ll never have to walk around with a watering can again. PlantMinder&trade has a mini-version as well which holds only enough water for 3 weeks but is also a little more discrete.

What I like about the PlantMinder&trade is it doesn’t look completely ugly either and can easily be hidden by your plant.

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