Choosing the Best Pond Pumps and Filters for Your Backyard

Pond pumps and filters for your backyard pond are absolute necessities. No garden pond will survive or thrive for long without water movement and cleaning. A pond pump keeps the water circulating and the pond healthy. When choosing a pond pump there are several things to consider:

  • The pond filter with which it will be used;
  • How much power it needs;
  • The length of the manufacturer’s warranty;
  • The maximum height the pond pump will move the water (head height);
  • The litres per hour (LPH) of each pond pump.

Maximus ECO pond pumps provide efficiency, performance and durability. They deliver higher performance due to an energy efficient motor and impellor system which reduces running costs and environmental impact. The strong construction of the impellor and motor designed it for the toughest conditions. This pond pump operates silently yet powerfully enough to run a filter system for a fountain or waterfall. The Maximus ECO’s wrap-around filter housing provides excellent water flow without needing an anti-clog, foam pre-filter which completely eliminates maintenance. This high performance pond pump is designed to run 24/7 and comes with a 3-year warranty. Prices range according to liters per hour (LPH) pumped.

  • 800 LPH costs $46.27 AUD
  • 8,000 LPH costs $172.50 AUD

The “new” Blagdon Force-Hybrid pond pumps make taking care of water features easy. These Force-Hybrid pond pumps deliver quality flow pressure at realistic 2 meters+ meeting filter and waterfall installation requirements. This is an asynchronous (single direction) motor made of the highest quality parts providing a reliable, durable pond pump that is efficient and economical. The maximum head height is greater than the majority of caged pond pumps, up to 5.5m. All Force-Hybrid pond pumps have a multi-hosetail inline ball valve controlling water flow in an easy to reach location. They come with a sludge removal or multi-purpose intake mode, a 3 year guarantee, and costs $139.58 AUD to $207.23 AUD depending on LPH.
Pond filters are the other requirement of your water system for a healthy pond with fish, turtles, etc. Pond filters perform several functions to keep water pure.

  • Trapping debris in the mechanical pond filter (removed for periodic cleaning)
  • Biological filtration allows beneficial bacteria to feed on water impurities ridding it of organic matter and fish waste
    Ultra-Violet Clarification in a pond filter causes water-borne algae to clump together through the action of the ultra-violet light spectrum, adding to filtration efficiency

All pond filters are rated according to maximum pond volume. The pond filter chosen must be effective for actual pond volume, with allowance for fish. Beneficial biological filtration provides beneficial bacteria to convert ammonia from fish waste, impurities, and dead organic matter into nitrites. The nitrites provide nutrients to facilitate plant growth.
Pond One Claritec 3000 Pressure pond filters move filtered water to the level needed for a waterfall feature. A gravity pond filter is recommended when Koi or turtles are resident. This pond filter provides an easy to use back-wash system, and is a quality product for the money. Units with UVC have a “lamp on” indicator light, and come with a 3 year warranty.

  • This pond filter costs $189.00 AUD.
  • The Claritec 5000 UVC Pressure Filter costs $309.00 AUD and has a maximum flow of 3,300 LPH.

The Oase Bitron Self-Cleaning pond filter uses a quartz lamp cover tube allowing 95% of UV rays to penetrate the water affecting the algae. Plain glass or plastic UV pond filters only permit 30% or 50% to pass through. Hose connections to the inlet and outlet are all that’s required for easy installation. Translucent hose tails glow when the UV light is operating. Various diameters of hose may be attached to the UVC for most efficient performance. The cost of this pond filter is $169.00 AUD.
A pond feature adds aesthetic enjoyment to any yard. Be sure to choose the right pond pump and pond filter to keep it at its beautiful best. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.