Saving Money in the Garden

Who doesn’t want to save money, especially in our gardens? And in the current economic climate many of us are already feeling the pinch and have to resort to more efficient uses of the “Almighty Dollar”. But that isn’t just a bad thing, is it?

In most cases not, but for some gardeners it may force them to take actions that appear, on the surface at least, an incredible shift in their normal modus operandi. Check out some of these cost saving articles;

  • Ten Ways To Cut Your Gardening Costs! – not a lot that’s new here but there may be one or two ideas that spark your frugal imagination.
  • The Low-Maintenance Yard: Save Money With These 7 Ideas For Your Garden – Admittedly, most of these options are going to be quite controversial for most gardeners – especially the ideas about no gardens altogether.
  • How to save money in the garden [link since removed] – probably the best tip given here is “Going Unplugged” – leave the power tools in the shed and save money on fuel and maintenance by using traditional gardening methods.
  • The Save Money Garden – recycling and re-using is the key here.
  • 9 Ways To Save Money In The Garden – build your own cold-frame! Now there’s a great way to save money at the nurseries.

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