Seven Neat Garden Hose Holders

Practically every garden requires a hose. Yours may be small enough to survive with just an outdoor watering can but the majority of gardeners keep one somewhere in their yard.

The question is, “Where?”

Undoubtedly many lay where they were last used, bound together in large knots and causing all sorts of problems for later use and trip hazards for unsuspecting visitors. They risk perishing faster by cracking or splitting in the sun but without a hose holder they become an unwieldy tool in the garden.
So, the next question becomes, “What sort of hose holder?” Well, this is what this post is all about, contemporary and practical ways to store your garden hose. Here are seven options that might make this one task a little more simpler:

Pot Hose Holder

A pot hose holder is a very convenient way to store your garden hose. Firstly, they’re circular (the same as your hose) so winding it inside a pot is quite manageable and second, they come in a vast array of cool designs and patterns. Take this turtle hose holder as an example; it offers the garden a little whimsy while at the same time becoming a storage unit for your hose.

Hose Hanger

The hose hanger is another great way to hold your hose. While the pot mentioned above can sometimes be a tad tedious to wind into a hose hanger is quite a simple way to quickly loop your hose onto making the process faster and more conducive to being achieved. Hose hangers come in a vast array of designs as well from the simple upward loop holder to the animals with stylised tails to perform the same task.

Hose Reel Holder

Probably the most useful hose holder is the hose reel. A reel offers a way for a hose to be wound up or off quite quickly and keeps the hose in its normal, accessible shape. Reels can be mounted to the side of your house or just be a free standing unit that can be unplugged when need and moved around to other sites within your garden.

The hose reel holders have come along way in recent years. Retractable garden hoses now dominate the market with their simplicity and ease of use. The hose easily pulls off the holder as you use it and with a simple pull it will retract neatly back into it’s holder when you are finished.

There is a good explantation and review of Hoselinks retractable garden hoses, which I believe are the best on the market here at Aussie Green Thumb.

Hose Hide

For the minimalist gardener, hiding your hose is a requirement and while the reel and the pot hose holder may be moved the thought of having a storage place in situ is far more appealing. Many can be bought and installed but for us quirky gardeners out there why not try and create one yourself. This pre-loved man-hole would makes a great addition to any garden and easily doubles as a hose hide.

Mobile Hose Reel

For those gardeners wanting a hose holder that’s a little more mobile then buying a holder with wheels is probably your best bet. However, if your wanting to be a little different, and show off some of your creative flair, then try working with resources that may perform the job just as well – but possibly cheaper. This old fire cart may be the perfect mobile hose storage if your garden was big enough and easily transported around your yard.

Concealed Hose Storage

While I’ve already mentioned the hose hide this usually conceals the hose underground. There are, however, ways to store them vertically – like in the inside of the wall or via a wall mounted storage box. The benefit of this method over the underground hide is that there is less chance of the hose rotting over time. It is usually hidden from the elements while the underground hide may be more exposed to rain runoff and other problems.

Fire Hydrant Hose Holder

Finally, if none of the previously mentioned hose holders tickle your fancy then maybe you’re quirky enough to find something completely individual. This old fire hydrant offers a great piece of whimsy for the garden plus allows you to wrap your hose around it, or over it, and doubles as a very practical hose holder.

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