So How Much Time Do You Spend Gardening?

This past week we’ve been asking our readers how much time they actually spend in the garden with surprising results. The vast majority (44%) said they spend more than 10 hours per week in their garden. 22% said they only garden 1-3 hours per week and the other categories each took out 11% of the vote.

It would be interesting to gauge the difference between the climatic seasons but also the seasons of life. Most of my gardening is relegated to the weekend and is confined even further by Saturday morning sport and church on Sunday. So, on a good weekend I might find 5 or 6 hours but when summer rolls around I will probably be spending in the order of 12+ on the weekend alone. With extra daylight when I come home from work, I might also add a couple of hours before dusk.

Thanks to all those who took the time to vote.

This week’s poll question is “Where do you mostly source plants for the garden?” I’m sure that Trey would be very interested in the results but I’m just keen to find out your preferences.

Is the gardening world a sharing place where most of our friends exchange plants, or do we find propagating from our own plants is the best way to increase our stock. Are small nurseries preferred over the large gardening or grocery stores or is it more convenient to find what you’re looking for in the one place?

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