Temporary Compost Bin

One of our weekend projects was to clean up some of the rubbish we have laying around our yard and to install a temporary compost bin. Voila! Here it is in all it’s glory.

It’s not complete yet as I need to hammer a couple of metal stakes through the inside to ensure it doesn’t tip over. As you can see it’s constructed purely of 3 wooden pallets which we have scored over the years from bringing some of our project resources onsite. The beauty of this contruction is that it took only 5 minutes to erect and will take even less to dismantle.

This compost bin is also completely portable. If we find that it becomes a nuisance where it’s positioned now we can transfer it elsewhere in a matter of minutes.

The grand plan is to erect better built compost bins however the space required is still not available yet and won’t be for a couple more months. But in the meantime I was tired of sending all my beautiful garden waste to the tip and finding that I was still needing to import mulch and soil improvers.

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