The Endless Pool

We have this ongoing argument with our kids as we plan our future staged rainforest garden. My idea is to have a spa that seats 10-12 and you can relax while you enjoy the landscaping. The kids idea is to get a pool. They’re not quite as excited about sitting around relaxing as the parents are.

My excuse has always been that our garden isn’t big enough to house a pool and from a suburban sized viewpoint it’s a valid response. That was until I came across the Endless Pool.

The pool is only 8′ x 15′ (2.4m x 4.6m) in dimension so it could easily fit most backyards. Our spa design is 3′ x 3′ (10m x 10m) so you can see that it’s not an impossible option.

The real beauty of this product, apart from its aesthetic landscaping features, is that it offers swimmers the ability to use it as a swimming pool. A constant current can keep a swimmer exercising against the flow much like a runner on a treadmill. So not only is it good for the kids to splash around in but it’s also useful for your fitness and training regime as well.

The Endless Pool can be installed above or below ground – or somewhere in between, if you can’t make up your mind. It won’t require connection to your household plumbing but can easily be filled by your garden hose and it comes with an optional gas heater so that you can use it more throughout the year.

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