The Most Expensive Community Gardens in the World

If your local government has procrastinated on allocating profitable land for community gardens then spare a thought for the people of Shibuya, Tokyo. Officials of this densely populated ward have just approved 3 different sites – totalling a little more than 1/2 acre – yet worth more than US $60 million.

From these three sites the plans are to divide them into 110 (2.5m x 4m) plots – each worth more than US $1/2 million each. And, in a city sprawling with 12 million residents – nearly 200,000 live in Shibuya – allocating 110 lots is going to be a difficult job.

The plots are being expressed as ‘vegetable gardens’ but ward residents will be able to grow anything they choose provided it doesn’t disturb other gardeners, they obviously read my post on Gardening FOR the neighbours, or the plants aren’t illegal.

The land was planned for sporting activities but it’s great to see that gardeners won out on this one. It will be interesting to see what prices these residents will be charged for these allotments, though. Hopefully they will still be within the reach of the majority and not the elite.

Time will tell the story when they become available in April 2008.

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