There’s a

Sadly, and deplorably, yes!

I stumbled across a site where the REAL geeks hang out and talk about gardening topics when they’ve run out of gadgets to review. Here at, the blog’s author decided to share his views on trees – [LINK SINCE REMOVED]. And it’s not a bad review except it comes from one who seems devoid of taking the reviewed item for a test drive in his own garden. Instead, it comes from a guy loitering around car yards kicking the tyre rims to test their value.

But, I’m not about to berate him on his views of trees and their worth to society. He doesn’t claim to be a passionate gardener, after all.

Yet reading through his comments you’ll find some obvious gardening EXPERTS spreading their views upon the geekdom realm.

Trees are for noobs, I’m all about the shrubbery.


Personally, I think trees are vastly overrated. A lot of tree-fanatics and tree heads claim their existence improves the vista, that they’re pretty or somesuch nonsense, but when I look out of my window right now, all I see are ugly brownish stumps. My proposal would be to only have trees during the summer; they are an eyesore in winter.

and then this gem from someone who KNOWS,

Excellent review. We’ve got a number of trees installed at my house, although I wonder whether their much-hyped environmental benefits are all they’re cracked up to be, especially when you consider the huge amount of waste they generate (do you have any idea how many different chemicals are in a leaf?!)[Emphasis mine]

All this from guys who are helping the environment by increasing server power, updating superfluous gadgetry and caring little about their carbon footprint.

It hit me hard though, when I read one commenter recommending the Brotherhood of the Anti-Arboreal Association – Treehater? People HATE trees? Wow! What kind of mixed up society do we live in?

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