Three Years Old, Today

Yep, the tantrum-throwing stage is over. I can stand on my own two feet, say a few recognisable words and even hold a fork properly. I’ve entered the blogging “toddler-phase”.

On this day three years ago I set about to dominate join the online gardening world. My plans were to take over the world, make some quick bucks and flog my blog off to the highest bidder. As you can see, Plan B became far more enticing.

Not long into my blogging experience I began to meet … people. Apparently there are other human beings connected to computers all over the world. These are REAL, living persons rather than the androids I expected. They took an interest in what I wrote – or they were just being friendly – and it wasn’t long before friendships were being forged across the oceans.

They commented on my blog, I would sometimes reciprocate. They would send me emails, I would often lose them in the myriad of junk mail my inbox collected. Yet, these people persisted and this blog has grown.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with stats because I’ve come to the realisation that quantity is a poor cousin to quality. But, I can assure you that my pageviews are still increasing, comments are growing and new subscribers are joining all the time.

Instead, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you…yes, YOU! Don’t look around or behind you, I’m pointing to YOU. Without you, my faithful subscriber/reader/commenter/twitter-follower, this blog wouldn’t have passed its first year, let alone three of them. My blog’s success is purely because of YOU.

As I have done for my past birthday celebrations, I’ve honoured those readers who have taken the time to comment by compiling a list of the Top 10. This year, however, I’m going to increase that number to twenty. Thanks for your words of encouragement, challenges, debates and inspiration.

  1. 80 – Nancy Bond Soliloquy
  2. 62 – jodi Bloomingwriter
  3. 41 – Frances Fairegarden
  4. 32 – Helen The Patient Gardener’s Weblog
  5. 31 – Racquel Perennial Garden Lover
  6. 30 – Barbee’ Barbee’s Blog
  7. 30 – Crafty Gardener Crafty Gardener
  8. 30 – Linda Garden Girl
  9. 27 – LetsPlant A Yard in Fort Pierce
  10. 27 – VP Veg Plotting
  11. 27 – Robin Robin’s Nesting Place
  12. 26 – Esther Montgomery Esther in the Garden
  13. 26 – Cinj Cinj’s Chat Room
  14. 25 – Pam Digging
  15. 25 – Anna FlowerGardenGirl
  16. 24 – Mr. McGregor’s Daughter Mr. McGregor’s Daughter
  17. 21 – Lin (Southern CA, U.S.)
  18. 20 – Sylvia (England)
  19. 17 – Joy GardenJoy4Me
  20. 17 – Our Friend Ben Poor Richard’s Alamanac is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally, we participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.