Two Years Old Today…

…and still learning to walk.

Darren Rowse calculated that the Top 100 blogs were on average only 33.8 months proving that you don’t have to be doing this for a long time to be successful. Yet, I feel that after 24 months of running this blog I’m only now starting to get ‘it’.

I’ve made some great friends and continue to enjoy interacting with my readers, albeit that most of what happens is usually via email rather than recorded on this blog.

How has this year differed from my first?

It’s probably been less dependable, if anything. Updating Blotanical took a significant amount of time and the cost for me was not being able to get around and comment on as many blogs as I like to. Plus, it means that while I was posting twice a day I’ve been lucky to post once every two or three days.

That is set to change in 2008!

I’ve also noticed some bloggers come and go. Many new ones have started this year while a handful have stopped for various reasons. Needless to say, new friendships have also blossomed while others have ended and some continue to grow.

The stats have increased as well racking up 376,381 pageviews this year compared to 2006’s 66,774. The number of comments doubled over the previous year and Sept 14 was my biggest day seeing more than 2,500 people visit GTNI and viewing more than 4,000 pages.

2007’s Honour Roll

As I did last year, I want to honour a few people who have helped make GTNI so successful. The best way to measure this, apart from the wonderful people who have contributed posts, links and recommendations are to honour those who have taken the time to stop and comment on my blog. Here’s the top 10;

  1. Val – Val has her say (57)
  2. Annie in Austin – The Transplantable Rose (47)
  3. Colleen – In the Garden Online (47)
  4. Kim – A Study in Contrasts (41)
  5. Carol – May Dreams Garden (36)
  6. jodi – bloomingwriter (31)
  7. Kerri – Colors of the Garden (29)
  8. Susan – Sustainable Gardening (24)
  9. Malin – Indoor Gardener (22)
  10. Pam – Digging (20)

To all my wonderful readers I want to say a big thank you for making this a great year. Your willingness to share your thoughts, agree or disagree with me and to add your own helpful hints has always been a blessing.

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