Update: What’s Going on With My Blog

For those of you who are regular visitors to this blog you may have been noticing a few strange things going on: images not showing, dissected page borders plus page elements tripping over themselves.

Readers who choose to use Internet Explorer (have you not heard of Firefox!!!) have had to deal with this for quite some time – since this blog started, to be exact. However, Firefox users have justed started to wrestle the same beast.

The reason – my Garden Blog Directory (which is soon to be unveiled with a brand new name and features) has had to transfer to a new server to access some important features. In doing this, it’s dragged my whole account – kicking and screaming – with it.

So, I’ve taken the opportunity to clean up some code that has been causing a few problems and for the first time IE users can see my blog exactly (well, almost!) how those with Firefox have enjoyed it. Yay!!!

My posting has been a little erratic as I’ve turned my attention to fixing up these issues and also getting the Blog Directory back up to speed – my apologies for the 20+ blogs waiting to be added, thank you for your patience.

While I can’t offer too many more inside tidbits I can say that the new and improved directory will be fairly impressive – if I do say so myself. From my view point it will save me hours of work in adding new blogs which means I can concentrate on creating some great new features that have been on my To-Do list for too long.

However, this blog is still my main focus and I’m keen to hear from you if you are still having problems with reading the content, submitting comments or generally trying to navigate your way around it. If you have any suggestions then I’m keen to hear your feedback.

To all those who use Internet Explorer, I hope you enjoy the way it was supposed to be presented – before you go and download a REAL browser.

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