Using Colour in The Garden

Colour plays a big part in our gardens. If it didn’t, we would still be happy perusing gardening blogs that showed black & white images. The colours and shades you use will evoke feelings and illicit a response. You don’t believe me? Take a look at this list published under the title of “The psychology of colour”;

Red: urgency, passion, heat, love, blood, excitement, strength, sex, passion, speed, dangerYellow: warmth, sunshine, cheerfulness, happiness, cowardice, brightness

 truth, dignity, power, coolness, melancholy, heaviness, trust, reliability, belonging, coolness

Orange: playfulness, warmth, vibrant

Green: nature, health, cheerfulness, environment, money, vegetation, nature, freshness, cool, growth, abundance

Purple: wealth, royalty, sophistication, intelligence, spirituality, dignity

Pink: softness, sweet, nurture, security

Black: sophistication, elegance, seduction, mystery, death, rebellion, strength, evil

White: purity, cleanliness, lightness, emptiness, virginity, clean, youth, mildness

Gold: prestige, expensive

Silver: prestige, cold, scientific

Is it any wonder then that McDonald’s uses the two colours, Red and Yellow? Red = Urgency (Fast Food) and Yellow = Happiness (Their slogan – “I’m Lovin’ It”). So what colours do you use in your garden and have you been purposeful in your choices? Do different seasons show different colours?

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