Welcome to Busselton Times readers

The Busselton Times, our local community paper, have asked me to write an article for them once per month and the first one hits the papers today. It’s very exciting, yet ridiculously scary because I’ve been fairly anonymous behind my computer screen.

However, to those readers who have turned up here because of the article I hope you enjoy poking around and finding other worthwhile tidbits to help in your garden. If you would like to get updated articles delivered via email then you can subscribe by entering your email address in the Get Fresh Posts In Your Inbox field in the right sidebar. Or, if you’re savvy with RSS subscribe via the Feedburner tag at the top.

Plus, if this has opened up a whole new world of gardening for you then take the extra-steroid pill and head over to Blotanical where an even bigger world of garden blogs awaits.

Thanks again for visiting.

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