Why Trimming Trees Can Be Hazardous

There are many occasions when it becomes necessary to trim your trees. Trimming trees, if done properly can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and allow your trees to flourish. As a matter of safety, taking steps to thin overgrown trees and remove dead or diseased branches is an important part of maintaining your property.

Before you get out the chain saw and start removing limbs, you should be aware of the potential hazards of trimming trees.

Trees and large tree branches carry substantial weight which makes them inherently dangerous. A long branch on a mature tree can weigh several hundred pounds, so, you want to make sure it does not fall on anyone or anything. Trimming trees properly involves good planning. You should survey the tree from all angles and determine how and where you want the cut limb to fall. Many people do not take the proper precautions and wind up doing damage to their house, car or themselves by improperly cutting a large tree or tree branch.

One of the most important things to watch out for when attempting to trim your trees is the existance of power lines. Never take it upon yourself to trim trees that are dangerously close to power lines. The risk of coming into contact with a high voltage line and causing serious injury or even death is too great for the average homeowner. It is best to either have a professional tree trimming company come out to do the job or call the power company who will usually take care of the matter for free.

Trimming trees often involves climbing up on a ladder. You must be careful to place your ladder on solid, steady ground so that it is stable and will not suddenly shift while you are in the middle of cutting the targeted branch with a chain saw. Many people defy the clear warnings on ladders not to stand on the upper few steps as they attempt to reach a little higher to get that one troublesome branch. This is extremely hazardous as you can easily lose your balance and take a nasty fall. Never reach above your head to cut a branch. Not only will you have limited control of the chainsaw, but you are also subject to being hit by the falling branch.

If a branch is very long, heavy and cumbersome, it is prudent to take it down in manageable pieces. Starting from the outer edge, take two or three separate cuts to remove the branch. It is much safer to take ten foot sections down than trying to remove a thirty foot branch.

Trimming trees is part of managing your property and knowing the proper techniques for removing branches is very important. Avoid potential hazards, be smart and take your time when trimming your trees.

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